Thursday, August 23, 2012

Her Story To Tell

A lot of you have had genuine questions in regards to Tshion's past. Those questions are not wrong. I would be curious myself if I was in the opposite position. I want you to know that we are grateful for your willingness to follow our journey and seek to know more. However, I did want to address the issue of privacy when it comes to adoption.

Tshion comes with her own history and story to tell. They are hers to share and no one else's. It is important that she has the ability to present them in a way and at a time that she is comfortable with. We do not even know the extent of Tshion's past and we might never know. We are choosing to be active listeners when she is ready to share. She might never share with us. We hope she might but she might begin to close that chapter and not want to re-open it with others. It is hard to say. We just want to be available if the time should arise.

I know it seems very easy to want to know all of the back story that comes from an orphans life but it can feel very intrusive when people walk up to you or or parents and start asking deeply personal questions about your life. I know it would be very uncomfortable if a stranger started asking me about my parents and life. I hope this is coming off graciously, that is truly my intention. I just want our friends and others to understand how it might feel for her. She is not an infant, even though they even come with their own history, she is a 9 year old child. She has had nine years of memories already burned into her mind. Those are precious and all that she will take with her. They are priceless and not to be taken lightly. If you are someone that will be an active partaker in Tshion's life then grow your relationship by seeking to know who she is now and let her open the doors to the past.

We have no problem addressing things about adoption like the process, what it is like, challenges and transition. Feel free to ask! We are excited to advocate for adoption.  If you want to know how to specifically pray for our sweet girl, I can tell you a couple of ways.

1. Pray for the HUGE transition that she is about to go through. We are taking her from everything she knows and it will be difficult.
2. Pray that God would heal the hurt in her heart and reveal Himself to her as the ultimate comforter.
3. Pray for friendships in her life.
4. Pray for ways that we can encourage her to work through grief that will more than likely occur.
5. Pray that she begins to see her past as something that God is making beautiful in its time rather than something that hurts deeply.
6. Pray for her health as we are taking her to the doctor shortly after she comes home and there will more than likely be issues to work through.

Again, we love that we have such a support system, we just wanted each of you to know that we are not being rude when we tell you that we will not answer certain questions about Tshion. We are doing it for her protection and privacy. Thank you so much for all you do!!

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  1. Love this. Perfectly and gently spoken!! I am so thankful for the deep wisdom God has given you and Pete concerning this process - concerning Tshion's life and story - concerning your family.